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 What made you apply to be on Survivor? 

I was approached by one of the casting team, while I was singing in Dubai.  I cut my trip overseas short to take part because I wanted to do something new and challenging. Survivor offers the perfect blend of adventure, strategy, and personal growth, and I was excited about the opportunity to push myself to the limits in such a unique and intense environment.  I think I did that

 How did you find the experience? 

Taking part in Survivor UK was an unforgettable experience. It was a thrilling blend of physical endurance, mental strategy, and emotional resilience. Every day presented new challenges, from tough physical tasks to intricate social dynamics. My experience with some of the tribe was harsh, and I was a target for most of the game. But it pushed me to my limits, revealing strengths and vulnerabilities I never knew I had. Overall, it was an incredible journey of self-discovery and adventure that I will always cherish

 What was the toughest part of the experience? 

The obvious struggle was the lack of food and sleep.  But also, the toughest part was the relentless mental and emotional strain. While the physical challenges were intense, the constant need to strategize, form alliances, and navigate the social dynamics was incredibly demanding. The isolation from loved ones and the lack of basic comforts compounded the difficulty. The uncertainty of who to trust and the ever-present threat of being blindsided kept me on edge. Balancing the need to compete fiercely while maintaining personal integrity made the experience both profoundly challenging and deeply rewarding

 Have you made any long term friends from the experience? 

I am grateful to have gained some beautiful friendships through the experience.

 What other reality programmes would you like to do? 

I would love to do Gladiators as I grew up watching that show.  Also, Race Around The World as I travel a lot and love a challenge.  I heard that’s some people say I would be good on The Challenge.  I have a new agent so it will be interesting to see what comes up.

 What made you set up your clothing company? 

I am an entrepreneur and have a passion for empowering men to look and feel their best.  I was a fitting and commercial model for 10 years and have worked with some of the biggest brands worldwide.  I realised there was a gap in the market for a brand that has affordability and focuses on comfort and fit - Haul Clothing was born.  I am about to launch my Swimwear for summer 2024.

 What makes your company different from other similar companies?  

Haul, which means ‘Sun’ in the Welsh language, represents a bold new approach to men's fashion. With my knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, I have worked hard to develop a brand that specialises in comfort and fit. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends and timeless classics, I created a brand that combines fashion-forward designs with premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

From concept to creation, every aspect of the Haul brand reflects my unwavering dedication to excellence. Whether it's selecting the finest fabrics, perfecting the fit and construction of each garment, or designing eye-catching prints and patterns, no detail is overlooked in their pursuit of perfection.

 What can people expect from you music wise in the next 12 months? 

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be releasing new music and taking my performances to an international stage. This upcoming phase of my career is incredibly exciting, as I will be performing at Sitges Pride on 7th June 2024 and I am booked at some events and shows around the world. 
Stay tuned for new music, dates and locations—I'm looking forward to launching my swimwear and seeing you on the road and sharing these musical experiences with you!

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