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 Before your Only Fans career you were in the NHS what made you choose that career? 

Firstly I want to clarify that I was a healthcare assistant for 6 years in several different private care homes and didn’t work directly with the NHS!, I think a  journalist did some creative writing when the news broke and made it seem that way but I’ve never claimed that myself!! i think the confusion was brought on due to me quitting because of the 1% pay increase as our pay in the private home usually followed in live with the NHS pay grades! 


I fell in love with healthcare when I started working part time for my nan and grandads care home whilst I was at college, it was only meant to be temporary alongside studying marketing but shortly realised I’d love to eventually train to be a nurse so switched career paths and started as a full time healthcare assistant. 


I enjoyed being a companion and empathised with how rewarding it was just showing a bit of positivity could make a difference to someone’s day!

 For those who don’t know you left the NHS to do your Only Fans career what made you do that? 

After 6 years I slowly started to feel more and more burned out as the role was increasingly short staffed and badly paid as time went on. I didn’t go into care for the money but was finding it more and more difficult to justify the wages that I was on. 


Due to the burn out I felt I didnt want to go through with a nursing degree to then potentially end up feeling the same as I was but with more responsibility and  a slightly higher pay grade.?Looking back the morale across the board from Doctors, HCAS & Community nurses all felt the same. 

which is when the pandemic came and made all of our jobs so much harder. (Mask wearing for the entire shift, social distancing when possible) made an already overstretched job even harder. 


12 hour shifts in boiling hot conditions with masks and aprons on the whole time was unbearable in the summer.

 What is the best and worst parts of doing Only Fans? 

The best part about OnlyFans for me is that it allows me to express myself freely and creatively which I love so deeply, it’s always been a dream to essentially be paid for this type of work, I just didn’t think it would be possible for someone like me. It’s like being self employed which is great

 What is the weirdest interaction you have had since you have done Only Fans? 

A couple of weird//scary ones! One fan asked me to piss in a bottle and send it to him and the scariest was when a guy asked for a video of me fainting/fitting in a video… which really creeped me out tbh!

 What can people expect to see if they subscribe to your Only Fans? 

My Only fans is fully explicit with a bit of everything to be honest! I think it really shows the last 3 years and how far I’ve come in that time, content wise and confidence wise 

 When you are not doing Only Fans what do you like to do? 

I’m super social with my friends! Love clubbing, pub gardens, hiking, cinema, binge watching Netflix and sometimes too many glasses of wine 

 Is there anything you won’t do on Only Fans? 

All of my collaborations are authentic and are with people that I would have “done stuff” with anyway! Almost filmed in the moment! (Consensually of course). The only things I won’t do is put myself under pressure to collaborate with people that I don’t have a connection with, I think that’s when it would feel out of my comfort zone. 

 What are you plans for the next 12 months? 

Continue to enjoy the ride whilst it lasts! 

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