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 How did you get into singing? 


It was something that I could always naturally do pretty well. Back then I was just a raw talent and would just enjoy it for fun but eventually I got some lessons and worked on my technique. I finally got into it properly just to annoy my sister, I think. I remember watching her in a dance school show. I saw all of the attention she was getting and thought “I want a piece of that”.

 Did you enjoy your time on X Factor? 


I can honestly say I loved it… Best experience of my life. I know some artists had the opposite experience, but I can’t say anything other than good things about it. I did find that I was under a lot of pressure, but I actually enjoyed it now that I look back.

 How would you describe your music? 


My music has gone through phases. At 1st it was a continuation of the pure pop that I was known for in ‘Same Difference’ but with the ability to explore my sexuality a little more. When I was singing with my sister it was odd to sing about things like love, relationships & sex but as a solo artist I was free to explore that lyrically through music. I also did a swing style album that took popular songs from the 90’s and transformed them into swing style. Now it’s heading more towards the dance music world.

 Tell us about your latest single Young Love? 


It’s a big dance record that gives summer vibes. I didn’t write it (Justin Busch is the writer) but it makes me reminisce about being young & in love and remembering those times fondly.

When you are not doing music what else do you like to do? 


I’m big into the gym. I enjoy the feeling it gives me. I love good food, I’m very sociable and love to hang out with friends. I enjoy playing 5-a-side football. I am currently working in musical theatre, and I love the buzz of doing the shows. Chilling with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail is heavenly too as a treat.

 Would you ever let your music be used in a webseries/tv series? 


Absolutely. I once had a record called ‘show me love’ used in the BBC2 drama ‘mother father son’ with Richard Gere. The Same Difference version of ‘breaking free’ was used recently on ‘dancing on ice’ too. It’s always exciting to hear my records used in that way.

 If you were offered Strictly would you do it? 


Absolutely. I’d love to show off my moves on the famous dance floor. I think my music would have to take off or I’d have to build my profile back up in the U.K. for it to be a legitimate opportunity.

 Are you performing live in the UK in 2023? 


I’m off working in ‘We Will Rock You’ until October. I can be seen in that, and it will be filling up most of my schedule this year. There is nothing concrete planned in as far as touring my own music yet, but opportunity’s always open up and I’m ready!

 Plans for the next 12 months? 


Once ‘We Will Rock You’ is over I will probably enjoy some time off. I’ll have been working flat out since December last year. Hopefully, there will be at least another single this year and I’m likely to end the year in a pantomime or something like that.

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