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So of course we had heard of RuPaul's Drag race but we have to admit we had not watched a full episode so we arrived at the Brighton Dome not sure exactly what to expect. What was great to see was the full range of people who had turned up at the event. There was people of all ages some dressed up in drag but most did not. The staff at the dome made us feel very at ease from the outset and could not help us more if they tried. 

So just after 8pm the show began and all 12 stars of season 4 of the UK series came on stage in 2's to a range of different music from the 70's right up to the modern day. With the final queen to come on stage being Danny Beard (the winner of the series) He spent about 5 minutes on stage making the crowd laugh and preparing them for the night ahead even noticing a few people late to the show (so glad we were not late that's all we are saying) 

It was then time for each queen to come on stage and perform 2 numbers each. All were so amazing and the production value of all the numbers were second to none. 

There was an interval half way through so you had time to go to the toilet and get some more drinks from the friendly staff at the bar. It was also a chance to see what everyone thought and it was all good. Then the second half and more of the same until the final queen Danny Beard was back on stage. All the queens came back on stage again in the way that they excited the show on BBC3 and then it was time for them to be thanked by the audience and the crowd went nuts for them and they could have stayed on for much longer 

We loved the show and we will be back to see season 5 go on tour next year 


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