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What made you enter the competion in the first place?

I wanted to enter MX drag England because I’d recently just done another drag based competition here in the northeast called Drag idol. After I’d finished this competition I still had a desire and fire to show of my art and creativity and that’s when I found out about MX drag England. MX was a completely different kind of competition and so many elements to it making it more complex than just a pageant. This opportunity to further my drag through tbia outlet was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. As a contestant we were required to fundraise for two selected charities and this would count alongside our finale scores to determine the winner. There was also a written test on gay history/culture that counted in the final marks. I was lucky enough to win 4/6 categories being fundraising, written test, audience vote, regional runway.

What do you plan to do now you have won the competition?

Now that I’ve won the competition I plan on doing everything and anything. I’ve also been a big believer in seizing the day and every opportunity you are presented with as you never know where it may lead or who it may introduce you to. My biggest hope is just to express myself and my art in the queerest way possible throughout the northeast.

Where will you be putting your trophy?

Well I actually have 5 trophies I need to find places for!! But the main big one I currently have sat on my makeup table so I every time I get into drag I can look at it, look in the mirror and say god I did that 

mr drag england1.jpg

What was your coming out story? 

My coming out story isn’t really a story it’s not filled with heartache and horror like so many of our community face. I’m beyond thankful to have loving parents who accepted me from the get go and are two of my biggest supporters, though I don’t imagine either ever pictured their som being a drag queen 

How long are you Mx Drag? 

I am going to be MX Drag England until they pry my crown out of cold dead hands, only joking I get the honour of being the title holder for the next year until the next fresh batch of hopeful queens usurp my throne I like to portray myself as a Cersei Lannister type character clinging on to my crown by any means necessary buy I’m genuinely beyond excited to see who is going to compete in the coming year and be able to mentor and give advice on how to win.

mr drag england.jpg
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