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David Allwood was crowned Mr Gay England in August 2022

What made you enter the competion in the first place?

I entered Mr Gay England because I was really impressed by the nature of the competition. It’s no longer a beauty pageant… it’s a platform for change and a way of getting your voice heard. You raise money for charity during the run up to the competition, take a written exam and also present three different looks on the day of the finals. In recent years, I’ve been doing a lot of community projects and through setting up HOMOPARODY, I realized that this is what I love doing and I’m hoping I make a difference through my work.

For those who don't know what did you have to do to win the competition?

There are 7 rounds in Mr Gay England: Charity Fundraiser (20%) Written Exam (20%) Audience Vote (20%) Mr Congeniality (10%) Regional Runway (10%) Beach Runway (10%) Formal Runway (10%) I won 5 of the 7 categories, Mike win the audience vote and we all tied in Mr congeniality.

David Allwood1.jpg

What do you plan to do now you have won the competition?

My plan now is to continue the work I do in the community but on a larger scale. I also plan to start a campaign to help combat loneliness within the LGBTQ+ community. I am also hoping to speak in parliament and bring about some change in our community for the older generations and also for minority groups. I really want to use this platform to bring about positive changes and reform.

Where will you be putting your trophy?

The main trophy is huge!! I’ve cleared a space on my book shelf for all of the trophy’s and my cat is very confused as to what they all are!

david allwood3.jpg

What was your coming out story?

I came out as bi when I was 18 and this was the hardest part of my life in terms of wellbeing. I was depressed and confused and family members told me to ‘choose a side.’ They were mostly supportive though, once they had come to terms with it all and I got into a relationship soon after that with a man

How long are you Mr Gay England?

i’ll be Mr Gay England for about a year. Next year I will be a judge for the 2023 competition and will be handing over the trophy to the next winner!

David Allwood.jpg

Will you enter to be Mr Gay Europe next time?

Yes indeedy! I am already planning some aspects of this very challenging contest! I will definitely enter Mr Gay Europe and hope I make my family and community proud. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me during this competition. It has honestly meant the world to me and I really hope I can bring about some positive changes to our community, x

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