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Questions answered by Bradley Coffey (Director), Leigh Ward, Chris Church, Steve Adams
and Morgan Corby

 Tell us about coming clean? 

BRADLEY - Coming Clean is a fresh, sharp and funny look at love, relationships and fidelity.
From the writer of the landmark My Night with Reg comes this compelling, funny and
thought-provoking play.
I went to see this play on a whim a couple of years ago because it was being performed at
Trafalgar Studios in London (a theatre I had wanted to visit for a while). I knew nothing
about the play before the curtain went up, but when the curtain went down, I knew this was
a play I had to direct for myself.
The play follows Tony and Greg, who have been together for over 5 years. While their
relationship is far from typical, they seem to have their love all figured out. They’re in a
committed relationship and they love each other dearly, but there has always been room in
their relationship for other people to
pass through -- as long as that’s all they’re doing. Their only rule is they don’t sleep with the
same man more than once or fall in love with their conquests. But when the undeniably
attractive Robert becomes a fixture in their lives, it will test their relationship and their love as
everything they thought they knew about each other is thrown into jeopardy.

 How did you cast the show? 

At Brighton Little Theatre, we offer ‘open auditions’ which means you do not have to be a
member to audition. During the rehearsal process, two of the actors originally cast had to pull
out of the production and therefore I had to call upon two wonderful members of the
company to step into these roles four weeks before curtain up. They have all worked so hard!

 Tell us about the characters? 

MORGAN (Robert) - Robert is the cleaner Greg and Tony hires, and as the character whose
arrival sets the plot in motion, he was a lot of fun to play! As an actor he plays a lot of roles
in the play. You are never quite sure how genuine he is being or what he may be plotting…
CHIRS – (Tony) The last five years have been shaped completely since his relationship with
Greg started. He moved into Kentish Town and began a frustrating career in writing. Tony
adores Greg, and wants nothing more than to be with him, always. So much so that his views
on relationships change, and his discovery of Greg's affair causes far more hurt than Greg
could have anticipated.
LEIGH (Greg) Greg is a New Yorker living in London with Tony, his partner and lover of the
past five years. Greg is a successful writer of mainly non-fiction work but has also had at least
one successful novel published in the last few years.  Greg finds himself falling in love with
Robert whilst at the same time still being in love with Tony. Have Tony and Greg had the
conversations Greg thinks they have? Is Greg unfaithful? Have Greg and Tony ever been
faithful to each other? Come and see Coming Clean and make up your own minds!
STEVE (William) William is Tony's camp and flamboyant best friend. Together they go cruising
for one-night stands, but Tony doesn't enjoy them as much as William, who sees London as
an all-you-can-eat sausage buffet... He offers advice and wisdom to Tony. But does Tony
listen to it?

 PICTURES Miles Davis Photography 

 In the description of the show it says scenes of an intimate nature, including nudity and
simulated intercourse how have the cast dealt with that? 

MORGAN - When approaching scenes like these there are two considerations. First, making
sure the actors are comfortable with each other and what they are being asked to do.
Secondly, that the scenes feel real to the characters.
Thankfully, this production had wonderful team that supported and respected each other,
welcomed new members (like me), and built a safe environment whilst maintaining a
wonderful sense of fun. There was a lot of laughter in rehearsals! This is a story of shifting
relationships between complicated people and to leave out intimacy would be untrue to the
play. I’m just glad Bradley as director managed to make Coming Clean into such an enjoyable
experience, both for audiences and for us as actors.

 Tell us about the Brighton Little Theatre? 

STEVE - Founded in 1940, we are a thriving, leading not-for-profit theatre company who
stage between 10-12 plays a year in our very own unique 71-seat theatre in Brighton, East
Sussex. We are made up of a membership of volunteers who strive to produce a consistently
high standard of theatre. Being based in Brighton we have a history of putting on plays with
gay themes including: an early amateur production of Martin Shermans Bent in the mid
1980s; Kevin Elyots My Night With Reg in the mid 1990s; Jonathan Harveys Beautiful
Thing in 2010; the premier amateur production of Jonathan Harveys Canary in 2013; and
Alexi Kaye Campbells The Pride in 2019.

 How do people buy tickets for this show and other shows? 

BRADLEY – Tickets can be bought from the theatre website where you can find more information about our
upcoming productions. Tickets are selling fast for Coming Clean and there is greater
availability at the beginning of the week.

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