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How did you get into porn? 

I created a SexyJobs profile while living in Texas, and when I moved out to Los Angeles in 2018, I opened up my SexyJobs page and saw all the messages from agents reaching out. I just chose one! I did my first porn scene in the following weeks, and the rest has been history! 

What is the best part of being a porn model?

The best part about being a porn model is making friends with the other models that you work with. You get extremely comfortable, bond at award shows and share experiences that you may’ve not with other friends. It’s truly a unique industry! 

What is the worst part of being a porn model? 

The worst part about being a porn model is how tired you are some days after filming.

What is the best scene you have done?

The best scene I’ve done so far is probably one of the ones that I did with Andy Taylor, Ashton Summers, Tyler Sweet, Collin Adams, Garrett Kinsley or Zach Letoa! Those are the most popular so far, but I don’t have a personal best. 

Who are you best friends in the industry? 

My best friends in the industry are Andy Taylor, Max Carter, Luke Allen, Jacob Hansen, Travis Stevens, Riley Finch, Josh Brady, Garrett Kinsley, Zach Letoa, Daniel De Luca, Brian Gibson, Miles Pike, Aj Ford, Tyler Sweet, Alex Roman, Casey Roman, Corbin Colby, Ashtin Bates, Trevor Harris, Andres Forero, Calvin Banks, Logan Cross, Angel Rivera, Johnny Hands, Liam Riley, Austin Wilde, Kyle Ross, Caleb Gray, etc! I

can’t think of everyone at the moment, so I know there’s more but here are some of my closest! 

Are you single? 

Yes, I’m single.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not doing porn? 

When I’m not filming porn I enjoy being active! So playing backyard football with my buddies, throwing darts one night at a bar with friends, swimming at the beach and even going shopping! 

Has the Coronavirus affected your work at all? 

Yes I was affected by the pandemic, I work at a restaurant in DTLA, and because of the coronavirus it’s shut down. 

Favorite place in the world to travel to? 

My favorite place in the world to travel has always been LA! I live in LA now so, San Diego or NYC! 

What are your plans for the future?


My plans for the future are to begin acting in movies in Hollywood, start modeling for some of the worlds biggest brands and own my own home!